The HIGHEST Marathon on Earth

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On 29th May, sixty three years to the day that Mt Everest was first climbed, Gary Parker our MD, successfully completed the annual Everest Marathon – known as the highest marathon on earth if not the toughest.


Please take a look at the press release and photos below :-


There is simply no marathon on earth like the Mt Everest Marathon which took place on 29th May starting from Everest Base Camp at 5400 metres above sea level, temperature a mere -25 Celsius.

The event is held in Nepal on 29th May every year to commemorate the first ascent of Mt Everest on the same date in 1953.

“It takes 2 weeks to walk up to the base camp and to acclimatise to the altitude, in cold and sometimes uncomfortable conditions” said Gary Parker who completed the race yesterday.

The race started at 7am from base camp just below Mt Everest and the temperature was -25. When the sun hit the runners it went to +20 then more mist followed by snow and then rain. “We had it all” said Gary.

The first 2 kilometres were on a glacier and difficult, the descents were steep and you cannot run, especially when wet – it was lethal.

There were about 150 runners from all over the world.

Gary said “amazingly there were only 2 injuries and one person had to be evacuated by helicopter ”

“I was so flipping elated to finish, quite emotional really”

Gary is managing director of Parker & Co Accountants based at Waterside Court, Newport. The company motto is “adventure in business”.  We can see why!


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Gary believes business is like an adventure. It’s an idea, a risk, you need equipment, preparation, expertise and sometimes a guide.

We like to think of ourselves as our clients guide in business.

“You learn something about yourself on these events – our clients learn a lot about themselves in business”

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