Company Formation

We can deal with formalities of forming a company usually within one hour. All you need to do is give us the company name, directors, the shareholders and registered office and we will do the rest. In the event that you also need to deal with VAT registration and PAYE registration, we can deal with this too and where necessary can help you with opening a bank account.

Registered Office / Company Secretary

Whereas SME’s no longer have to have a company secretary, it still can be of benefit where all company secretarial services can be delegated to us acting as company secretary, through our company secretary company – Parker & Co (Company Secretaries) Ltd. In addition we can act as registered office, in order that we can receive all your company legal documentation to deal with in an appropriate timely manner.

Attendance of meetings

In the event that you would like a suitably experienced person to attend company meetings, take notes and provide minutes of meetings, then just ask us.

Changes to your company details

Sometimes companies change their names either in part or in whole, we can usually deal with this online for you within hours.In addition, where there are changes of director’s, shareholders or increases in the number or type of shares, we can do this for you usually online.We provide an extremely efficient and economical service.

Corporate structure

Most businesses these days operate as a limited company as opposed to a sole trader or partnership. Certainly with our clientele it is usually the preferred business structure. Corporate status and identity has a number of advantages from both customers and suppliers taking you more seriously and somehow enables the business owner/director to look at their business in a more objective way and can help them in going to work on the business, instead of in it. Additionally corporate structures tend to look further into the future. Certainly in our post accounts meetings, we attempt to identify our client’s company plans for the future within 1 year, 5 years and 10 years including succession and even take it as far as looking at our client’s wills.

Will & IHT Planning