Gary Parker of South Wales accountancy firm Parker & Co has agreed to sponsor a team of 6 to complete the challenge of swimming across the English Channel, known as the Everest of Swims!

The event was officially launched by David Davies, the Welsh Olympic Medallist open water swimmer. David has already got a bronze and a silver Olympic medal and will be “going for gold” this year. David launched the event at the recent Newport Business Club function where he was the guest speaker.

The event will take place in July 2013 and the objectives will be to complete the Channel and raise £30,000 for St.Davids. “There is plenty of time to train and raise funds” said Gary.

“Basically we are looking for 5 more swimmers who will be committed to training for success and to play their part with the fund raising”

Training for the English Channel will be a challenge in itself. “You need to complete a 2 hour open water swim in 15 degrees water, wet suits are not allowed, be prepared to avoid jelly fish, oil tankers and all kinds of debris”. The distance is 32 kilometres.

“You will need a strong stomach as well as a tad of endurance” Gary said.

Whereas we will be getting out in the open water in summer much of our training will take place in open unheated pools. The Bathurst pool in Lydney is ideal where Gary is a member of the serious swimmers club.

Gary will be taking part in the challenge already being a strong open water swimmer. He completed the 6k Hellespont swim last year and has already completed his 2 hour open water qualifier. “I have a few swim events and challenges lined up en route to this fund raiser including the 12k Straight of Gibralter later this year and I plan to try a solo channel crossing September 2013 after our relay event”.

When asked why the channel Gary said “well St.Davids is our nominated charity so to raise funds for them would be very satisfying. On a personal note I have climbed some mountains, completed the MdS in the desert and the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon, I just wanted to complete an endurance event in the water”.

He later admitted to having swum for his school and once for Wales as a schoolboy.

Parker & Co is sponsoring the event by funding the boat support, registration with the body that will recognise and monitor the swim and some other fees, all told around £3,500.

We hope to select a team before the end of April. Anyone interested in taking part please contact Gary Parker on 01633-889020 or Kris Broome on 01633-270980.

We are also looking for corporate sponsors to fund kit some training sessions and other essentials.

We already have two ladies signed up for the challenge, Ruth Jones and Victoria Hart who are both co-ordinators for St.Davids. They have already got stuck into their training and fund raising. A great start!

Parker & Co’s strapline is “adventure in business” – you can see why!

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