At the end of August, Gary is also taking part in the Hellespont Open Water Swim - From Asia to Europe. Situated in Turkey, The Hellespont is undoubtedly one of the most significant open water swims in the world. In 1810, Lord Byron the English Poet became the first known person to swim across the Hellespont from Europe to Asia. He swam it in honour of Leander, who in Greek Mythology, would swim nightly across this stretch of water to his lover Hero.

My reason for doing it is less romantic, but much more significant - I want to raise money to support the work of St. David's Foundation.

Have a look at the video of Gary training at Bathurst Outdoor Pool, Lydney where he is a member of the Serious Swim Club. It is a lovely outdoor pool and great for

Our support will help them to provide individual care to many thousands of patients and their families living with South Wales. Your kind donations will ensure that St David's Foundation will continue to tailor care that allows patients the dignity they deserve when facing the most difficult time of their lives. So Dig Deep whilst I Swim in the Deep!

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