Gary and Team manage the Wales 3 Peaks Event on behalf of St. Davids Foundation

Jun 30,2012 / Charity

The 3 peaks event took place on 30th June and was a tremendous day for both the teams that took part and for fund raising for the charity. The weather was'nt so good but that just made it more of a challenge for the participants. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting to the end!

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Gary sets off for the Everest Marathon 2012

May 20,2012 / Charity

On friday 19th May Gary is setting off for Nepal to complete the highest marathon on earth - The Everest Marathon. It starts at around 5,400 metres (17,700 ft) above sea level so Gary has until 29th May to train and acclimatise to be able to run at this altitude.

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Everest Marathon Update

May 8,2012 / Charity

Unfortunately, due to business commitments Gary has had to delay his entry in the Everest Marathon. "The trouble is its 3 weekd away for a one day Marathon!, said Gary". He has another event in 2013 which clashes with the Everest Marathon so he has to wait until 2014 to attemp it.

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Parker & Co taking the plunge for St.Davids - the English Channel Relay

Mar 30,2012 / Charity

Gary Parker of South Wales accountancy firm Parker & Co has agreed to sponsor a team of 6 to complete the challenge of swimming across the English Channel, known as the Everest of Swims!

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Success on the Newport Transporter Bridge

Mar 8,2012 / Charity

Gary and his team helped around 65 people abseil safely off the transporter bridge saturday morning. We started at 7am so that we could all see the Wales v France match in the afternoon. We just managed and missed only about 15 mins of the game.

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St.Davids Foundation 2012

Jan 1,2012 / Charity

Our objective is to raise atleast £10,000 over the year and 100% of donations go to the charity. We have a team in the 3 Peaks in July, Gary is swimming the Hellespont in August and running the Everest Marathon in Nepal in December ("The highest Marathon on Earth").

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Hellespont Update

Sep 8,2011 / Charity

On 30th August in the Dardenelles Gary took part in the 6.2 k Hellespont Swim. It was a great occasion with around 500 competitors.

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Hellespont Swim 2011

Aug 30,2011 / Charity

At the end of August, Gary is also taking part in the Hellespont Open Water Swim - From Asia to Europe. Situated in Turkey, The Hellespont is undoubtedly one of the most significant open water swims in the world.

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2011 - Parker & Co sponsor the Annual Newport Clocktower Abseil

Jul 8,2011 / Charity

2011 - Parker & Co sponsor the Annual Newport Clocktower Abseil for the Lord Mayor's Charity and Gary Parker keeps it safe

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Nominated charity for 2011

Jul 8,2011 / Charity

April 2011 - Parker & Co have chosen St Davids Foundation as its nominated charity for 2011.

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